Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Corruption in Nepal

It is the most common problem to persist in all the developing countries. It very hard to abolish. Every government official is corrupt. Without being corrupt it is hard for them to maintain their daily standards. They take bribe to do even a small work. If not given the bribe the work is not done. People are in the middle of wrong and justified work. Without bribery their work is not done and they can't live without it. The government officials are like gods. The problem has even spread to private organization. Shortage of jobs have created havoc among people. They have no choice than to work abroad. The police which has the responsibility for civil protection is guided by capitalistic society. They are the one who protects gangster and they are the one who terrorizes people. The higher official think they can do anything, beat up anyone and take anybody to jail. The police talk to common people like they are petty thief. The development process is in due. It is always backward. Never complete. There are always funds coming on, hike in tax rates and donation sought. But the road they built last year needs mending again. The bridge they built is in the verge of collapse. The rich exploits the poor. And poor people are always poor hoping to find a better job. They have no ability to take risk for their own business. Many people still live in jungles and still they eat wild roots. Why do we need to work in a office? If we can sustain ourselves working in a field, growing our own crops. And selling diary and meat. We can earn money like that too. But people are brainwashed to go abroad. They can't even think if they work hard here they can earn some money. But our government is so corrupt they only focus on sending people out and not even care about them when they reach there or when they come back. They want us to settle elsewhere. There are no provision to introduce new technique and new equipment for agriculture. To get a job you need to have a rich parent or somebody you know.
Starting from Government Officials most people here are corrupt. They have this unseen face which they only show when the other person is in trouble. They are present everywhere. It is strongly rooted in cities and some in rural areas.They do this because it helps them to earn more in short time regardless of what the outcome will be. Everyone knows this is prevalent here but nobody talks about it. If they try to talk about it they disappear shortly. I wonder when is this going to change. Every saints here are same.