Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Corruption in Nepal

It is the most common problem to persist in all the developing countries. It very hard to abolish. Every government official is corrupt. Without being corrupt it is hard for them to maintain their daily standards. They take bribe to do even a small work. If not given the bribe the work is not done. People are in the middle of wrong and justified work. Without bribery their work is not done and they can't live without it. The government officials are like gods. The problem has even spread to private organization. Shortage of jobs have created havoc among people. They have no choice than to work abroad. The police which has the responsibility for civil protection is guided by capitalistic society. They are the one who protects gangster and they are the one who terrorizes people. The higher official think they can do anything, beat up anyone and take anybody to jail. The police talk to common people like they are petty thief. The development process is in due. It is always backward. Never complete. There are always funds coming on, hike in tax rates and donation sought. But the road they built last year needs mending again. The bridge they built is in the verge of collapse. The rich exploits the poor. And poor people are always poor hoping to find a better job. They have no ability to take risk for their own business. Many people still live in jungles and still they eat wild roots. Why do we need to work in a office? If we can sustain ourselves working in a field, growing our own crops. And selling diary and meat. We can earn money like that too. But people are brainwashed to go abroad. They can't even think if they work hard here they can earn some money. But our government is so corrupt they only focus on sending people out and not even care about them when they reach there or when they come back. They want us to settle elsewhere. There are no provision to introduce new technique and new equipment for agriculture. To get a job you need to have a rich parent or somebody you know.
Starting from Government Officials most people here are corrupt. They have this unseen face which they only show when the other person is in trouble. They are present everywhere. It is strongly rooted in cities and some in rural areas.They do this because it helps them to earn more in short time regardless of what the outcome will be. Everyone knows this is prevalent here but nobody talks about it. If they try to talk about it they disappear shortly. I wonder when is this going to change. Every saints here are same.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ncell Pays Tax and silences the environment

Ncell, one of our beloved company, was made to pay 10 billion in tax. Teliasonera the company which sold it's share to Axiata made the payment on 8th May. Before paying the tax Ncell has been severely condemned for not doing so. Social media was flooded with statements like " No tax, No Ncell". Many organization are still here which don't even bother to pay tax. Ncell had made our life easier since it's start. It made SIM more accessible, introduced us to 3G, video calls and what not. Every new mobile technology we are experiencing in Nepal is due to Ncell to huge extent. Although Ncell is hugely criticized time and again for being expensive. But if you spend some money into something you would expect a return. And I guess that's what they were doing with regards to quality you are getting.
Many of us don't even bother to understand what we saying sometime and just do what other are doing. That's what happened with Ncell. People were pissed off when their money was used up in internet and other service which they think was taken without their consent. But it never happened to me or anybody I know. No services has ever been activated by itself. The internet thing is hard to understand. Everybody is using a smartphone which mostly runs on internet. Internet on the background, on the foreground and internet even when  you are not using it. So that my friend might use up your money while using internet. And there's no point blaming a network carrier for that. It is because you don't know what you are doing.
So that being said people still think Ncell is a crook and with new tax thing it made them sure that it was. And what do you need? Just start posting about it on social media. Curse em'. And fill your screen with junk. There were some political parties affiliated student union protesting because Ncell isn't paying tax. Where were this union when the earthquake came? Why they didn't choose to help people that time. Why they didn't protest when government is choosing not to help people rebuild their homes? It seems to me they have motive on this one. They only protest because they had some greedy ambitions hidden beneath that. The people around don't even care to know the truth and spill out whatever they hear and run along.
I believe that Ncell may have some bad side regarding their service but on the other side Ncell is the reason we are able to communicate so frequently. And before we want to protest please do question the authority sometime. I wanted to start "Occupy Baneshwar" or "Occupy Baluwatar" campaign just to show these crook government that they are not doing enough. The real crooks.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spring is here

Spring season has also started in my garden

Monday, January 26, 2015

Learning a better way

Ok so I guess everyone reads, maybe just a book or a newspaper or through videos on TV or Internet. Maybe learning is a better word. We try to make us better by learning different things. But how well are we able to remember those things while we need them. Does it easily come to your head? Or do you have to scratch your head usually? Maybe you forget a story that you read before, or a report that you checked earlier. It seems quite impossible to remember so many things. There is just a way you can work out to make your brains muscle stronger to retain memories easily.

I recently went through this courses "Learning how to learn" where they teach this super method for remembering things. Things are once stored to your long term memory, they always take some space in your brain which is like a large warehouse and never fade. The working memory focuses on things and keeps us attentive to our surrounding. This two memory works differently but plays a key role in learning. Working memory on can store four different types of information, also called chunks, while on its active mode. The information that are repeatedly recurring in our brain are eventually stored to long term memory. But it is not happening in a day. You need weeks of practise to make it work. So, this course is all about making your self better while you have a learning aim and I'm gonna tell you a technique that might help.
You are having problems with math, for an example, what would you do? If it was me I try few ways to solve it otherwise wait till you figure it out through others. But we have a solution to this. What we have here is a process called chunking. Like I told you about chunks or informations are stored on working memory four in numbers. Through focused learning, understanding and deliberate practise you can be able to transfer it to single chunk which only takes one part of the working memory instead of four. This can take weeks when you works and learning through small steps. This way can transfer our chunks to long term memory. So chunking not only solves a specific problem but can be applied to different range or fields of problems. If you have good knowledge about the worked out examples in math exercise then it will help solve the problem faster. I hope you will try to make some chunks. It is like creating a big picture out of small bits of data. You will not have a good chunk if you try to do it in a day. If you do little by little everyday your mind will grasp things lot of things easily. This is also because brains makes new neural connections during sleep. Everything we learn are only useful if we had better rest. So try it out maybe it will work.
There is one more thing I would want you to know. There are two state our brain would work. Focused and diffused mode. In focused mode our working memory works and we are only able to make connection with few parts of our brain. We can't make connection with all part of our brain. The other mode diffused mode is where we don't focus but relax and let our thought wander wherever it go. Diffused mode helps us get through problem that we don't when we focus. Many known scientist has used this method. You can get into diffused mode by different ways like jogging, playing a game or just sitting. Hope you will get this post useful.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New nepal

The road was clean and organized. But the people came to town with dirt and they were all around, gossiping and shouting, Miasma (pollution) has taken over. The portion of the people were not sure what they meant. They were like paid to do so. But they still changed the way people act and see. Now every one is the same.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Work it

I need a break from all this
getting :O a headache is bad
You don't eat much worry
My work makes me sad.

People want to be leaders
for words they do lead
When it comes to work :*)
they show their greed

I drank today but it was
apple they say apple Saft
Made in our land -:) doctrine
But inspired by foreign craft

I feel red working there
Nobody is my friend
Except the people :-B guest
How I wish this would end

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Life's not serious

You wake up with
blood on your head
and you have it on
Your hands too. Made
Me paranoid,
everyone is there
with mixed opinion.
Where do I get the care?
Down the hospital
stitched the wound
Got me bed
Down and bound.
Wake up again sea
Of pain I'm foam
Floating dispersing
Outside my zone.
I got time to lay
And the memories play.
Blank blank blanko
What do I do?
How come thing got
This worse no ni Nein no
I have to watch
Where I sleep
And Don't let it fall
But I'm a sheep
With no call
But headed to
The sea again.