Monday, January 26, 2015

Learning a better way

Ok so I guess everyone reads, maybe just a book or a newspaper or through videos on TV or Internet. Maybe learning is a better word. We try to make us better by learning different things. But how well are we able to remember those things while we need them. Does it easily come to your head? Or do you have to scratch your head usually? Maybe you forget a story that you read before, or a report that you checked earlier. It seems quite impossible to remember so many things. There is just a way you can work out to make your brains muscle stronger to retain memories easily.

I recently went through this courses "Learning how to learn" where they teach this super method for remembering things. Things are once stored to your long term memory, they always take some space in your brain which is like a large warehouse and never fade. The working memory focuses on things and keeps us attentive to our surrounding. This two memory works differently but plays a key role in learning. Working memory on can store four different types of information, also called chunks, while on its active mode. The information that are repeatedly recurring in our brain are eventually stored to long term memory. But it is not happening in a day. You need weeks of practise to make it work. So, this course is all about making your self better while you have a learning aim and I'm gonna tell you a technique that might help.
You are having problems with math, for an example, what would you do? If it was me I try few ways to solve it otherwise wait till you figure it out through others. But we have a solution to this. What we have here is a process called chunking. Like I told you about chunks or informations are stored on working memory four in numbers. Through focused learning, understanding and deliberate practise you can be able to transfer it to single chunk which only takes one part of the working memory instead of four. This can take weeks when you works and learning through small steps. This way can transfer our chunks to long term memory. So chunking not only solves a specific problem but can be applied to different range or fields of problems. If you have good knowledge about the worked out examples in math exercise then it will help solve the problem faster. I hope you will try to make some chunks. It is like creating a big picture out of small bits of data. You will not have a good chunk if you try to do it in a day. If you do little by little everyday your mind will grasp things lot of things easily. This is also because brains makes new neural connections during sleep. Everything we learn are only useful if we had better rest. So try it out maybe it will work.
There is one more thing I would want you to know. There are two state our brain would work. Focused and diffused mode. In focused mode our working memory works and we are only able to make connection with few parts of our brain. We can't make connection with all part of our brain. The other mode diffused mode is where we don't focus but relax and let our thought wander wherever it go. Diffused mode helps us get through problem that we don't when we focus. Many known scientist has used this method. You can get into diffused mode by different ways like jogging, playing a game or just sitting. Hope you will get this post useful.

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